Delivery of some of the actions under Objective 3 (Rural Economic and Community Development) will be delivered through the LEADER methodology.  The LEADER method of delivery is a regulatory requirement for the Rural Development Programme.  


The main concept of the LEADER approach is described as ‘bottom-up’ and consists of the formation of Local Action Groups (LAGs) which are partnerships of public and private local actors. Each LAG has developed a local development strategy which will set out the needs and priorities for funding in their respective areas.


Ten Local Action Groups have been established within Northern Ireland and their areas will align with the new council boundaries.  The exception is Belfast City Council, where its rural area will fall under the responsibility of Lagan Rural Partnership.


The 10 Local Action Groups in Northern Ireland (and the Council areas they cover) are as follows:


For more information on each of the Local Action Groups including their schemes are geographic coverage please read the LAG LOCAL INFORMATION SHEETS.

For contact details of the 10 Local Action Groups click through to the WHOs WHO DIRECTORY