Cooperation Toolkit

LEADER Cooperation has become increasingly important for rural stakeholders. Substantial experience has been gathered during the previous LEADER programmes to demonstrate that Cooperation is an effective mechanism for helping rural areas to jointly develop new solutions to common challenges.

Cooperation is more than just networking. It encourages and supports Local Action Groups (LAGs) to undertake a joint action with another LEADER group, or group taking a similar approach, in another region or Member State. The general objective of Cooperation is to help rural stakeholders to improve the potential of their local area. The project or action undertaken must provide mutual benefits for each partner organisation and not just the lead partner.

Different types of Cooperation exist:

  • Inter-territorial Cooperation takes place between 2 or more LAGs within a Member State.
  • Transnational Cooperation takes place between 2 or more LAGs from different Member States

Cooperation between a LAG from Northern Ireland and a LAG from Ireland is known as Transnational Cooperation (TNC).


Developed as part of the ‘Launching Cooperation North and South’ event this toolkit is designed to encourage TNC between Northern Ireland and Ireland LAGs.  It contains the following 6 sections:-

Section 1 - Common Guidance – InformationPartner Search Form and Preparatory Guidance Template common to Northern Ireland (and the wider UK) and Ireland

Section 2 - Northern Ireland Guidance - stand alone guidance provided by the Managing Authority to LAGs operating in Northern Ireland. 

Section 3 - Ireland Guidance - stand alone guidance provided by the Managing Authority to LAGs operating in Ireland.

Section 4 - Network Support Unit Offer – Information about the help and support available from your local Network Support Unit.

Section 5 - FAQ’s – A list of questions and answers relating to LEADER Cooperation.

Section 6 - Contacts – A profile of the 10 Northern Ireland LAGs and the 28 Ireland LAGs including contact details to encourage LAGs to keep in touch, aswell as Contacts from across the UK.