What is LEADER Co-operation?

LEADER co-operation is seen as a way of solving some local problems or enabling something to be done that the LAG could not do on its own. It encourages and supports LAGs to undertake joint actions with other LAGs, or with a group taking a similar approach, in another region, Member State, or even a third country.


The idea of ‘Co-operation’ has long been promoted by the EU as a means of sharing knowledge, experience and ideas with people in other rural areas. It seeks to encourage working together to find better solutions to rural challenges.


The Northern Ireland Rural Development Programme 2014-2020 (NIRDP) will support co-operation projects led by Local Action Groups as part of the implementation of their LEADER Local Development Strategies.


Co-operation projects can be categorised as:

  • Inter-territorial – involving co-operation with LAGs within Northern Ireland or other regions of the United Kingdom
  • Transnational – involving co-operation with LAGs from other Member States, or countries outside the United Kingdom