Spotlight Focuses on Rural Development

Rural Network NI News

Trends and challenges for rural development across the UK were the focus of discussions at a recent Rural Development and Networking conference in Belfast.

Programme delivery and policy makers from across the UK gathered in Belfast on 14th and 15th November 2017 at the first Rural Development and Networking Conference hosted by the 4 Regional Networks Support Units of the UK.

The event featured a mix of speakers from across Northern Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland as well as representatives from the European Network for Rural Development.

Among those addressing the conference, Teresa Canavan, Chief Executive of the RDC, and delivery agent of the Network Support Unit in Northern Ireland, said, “The conference was successful in bringing together key stakeholders of the 4 Rural Development Programmes operating across the UK. The Programmes are worth in excess of €7.4 billion to the UK rural economy for the period until 2020. The Northern Ireland pot alone is worth in excess of €760 million.”

“The Rural Development Programme offers huge opportunity for rural dwellers to pursue on or off farm development, business creation, training, environmental initiatives, assistance and advice.”

“This conference invited those in attendance to create a ‘roadmap’ for the future of rural development across the UK. It provided a framework through which delegates could share understanding of rural areas and of their respective Rural Development Programmes.”

“The conference demonstrated that everyone involved in the delivery of the RDP are fully committed to contributing positively and to achieving the progress needed to secure the future of a vibrant, sustainable rural countryside for generations to come.”

Click HERE to access the conference report.