Ballynure Village renewal

Project Theme: Community
County: Antrim
Location Ballynure, Co.Antrim
Total Cost: £0.00
Contact Name: Emma Stubbs

Project Summary

The village of Ballynure is situated approximately 3 miles north east of Ballyclare, 15 miles north of Belfast.  Ballynure has a rich legacy of industrial heritage including early 19th Century corn and cotton mills.  The present settlement owes much to the past industrial activity in this area.  Over time the village has developed into a commuter settlement given its strategic location close to the main travel route to and from Belfast.

Project Information

Ballynure has two active community groups who work hard to improve facilities and opportunities within the village for residents.  This project that the community groups brought forward for funding, involved the installation of an ‘Outdoor Gym’ to provide opportunities for increased outdoor activity and exercise resulting in an improvement in health and well-being for all residents of and visitors to the village. 


This project has provided an attractive, safe and accessible place to partake in exercise – in particular for older teenagers and adults – thereby contributing to general health and well-being, tackling isolation, complementing the existing ‘Highway to Health’ route in the village.  The focus of this project is providing an area for older teenagers and adults as the village already has a play park that provides for children and young people in the area.