McElmeel Mobility Services

Project Theme: Business and Enterprise
County: Armagh
Location 15 Ballyscandal Road, Armagh
Total Cost: £210,395.00

Project Summary

McElmeel Mobility Services Limited is an award-winning company which provides a full range of vehicle adaptations and conversions to support disabled drivers and passengers. The company was established in 1950 and incorporated in 1997. The company’s main activities are the manufacturing, restoring, wholesaling and repairing of all types of motorised mobility vehicles. 

Project Information

Company Directors are Malachy McElmeel, Rosemary McElmeel and Conor McElmeel.   Currently the business employs 35 full-time and 1 part-time members of staff.

The project aims to construct a purpose-built building circa 7,000 square feet on an adjacent site to the existing facilities.  The new facility will allow the business to achieve its growth potential, by exploiting opportunities to increase sales to the existing customer base and penetrate new markets in Ireland and the United Kingdom.  It will also enable dedicated research and development to take place which will underpin future growth plans.


Due to strong growth in the last few years, current activity levels have outgrown existing facilities. This investment will ensure future development and growth of the company. 

The business intends to appoint 4 FT employees (Operatives). 


  • Construction of new workshop by 31 Dec 2019
  • Appoint 4 FT Operatives by June 2020


The project has increased economic activity and employment rates in the wider rural economy through encouraging and supporting the creation and development of micro and small enterprises. It has achieved its objectives by creating at least  4 additional full time jobs and increased its export rate.

In terms of Research and Development, McElmeel continue to innovate their processes creating efficiencies by implementing lean manufacturing processes on an ongoing basis. The Company currently have eight new products which require developing to be brought to market, with Motability and vehicle manufacturers seeking solutions with ever-increasing regularity.