Recon Waste Management Ltd

Project Theme: Business and Enterprise
County: Armagh
Location 9 Derrinraw Road, Craigavon, Co. Armagh
Total Cost: £0.00

Project Summary

The director of Recon Waste Management Ltd, Daniel Connelly, proposed to improve the efficiency and increase the capacity of the existing recycling system at their premises,

allowing more tonnages to be processed and different materials to be accepted on site. The existing wash plant on site was only able to recycle street sweeping and gully waste at a rate of 10 tonnes per hour. It was unable to recycle any other materials.  Funding was sought under the NI Rural Development Programme via The Rural Business Investment Scheme towards the purchase of a new Waste Soil Wash Plant.

Project Information

Recon Waste Management Ltd is an accredited waste management company providing recycling and waste processing services mainly for road sweeper and gully waste. The company also manufacture recycled multi-purpose topsoil. Their main customers are local Councils, Transport NI and DAERA.  The business started to trade in 2003 and owned by Daniel Connolly.  It is a limited company and has 13 Full Time employees.

The company wished to increase the recycling capacity to 50 tonnes per hour and the purchase of the new wash plant would enable this.  The plant was custom designed so that it could take waste trammel fines, automotive shredder residue, waste soils and street sweeping and gully waste.


The company was awarded £90,000 towards the purchase of a new Gully Waste & Contaminated Soil Wash Plant which allows it to recycle circa 50 tonnes per hour.


Having completed the project the company is now recycling a variety of other materials that was not previously possible with the old wash plant.  More tonnages of waste is being processed, this increased from 10 tonnes per hour to 50 tonnes per hour.  This has enabled the company to increase their customer base and take on larger contracts within the recycling sector.  As a result of this investment at least 4 new full time plant operatives will be employed within the company.  Two jobs have been created to date.


Daniel Connelly, Director of Recon Waste Management Ltd advised that because the machine was custom built, they should have ideally set aside more time for the procurement process.  However, deadlines were met and the process went smoothly in the end.