SM Products NI Ltd

Project Theme: Business and Enterprise
County: Tyrone
Location 27 Corlea Road, Omagh
Total Cost: £0.00
Contact Name: Kyle Alexander

Project Summary

S&M Products (N.I.) Ltd as an established engineering company identified the need for a new workshop in order to facilitate an increase in orders from the agricultural sectors across the island of Ireland and the UK. In addition, the construction of a new workshop would facilitate the manufacturing of head locking gates having recently designed a new cattle crush system.

Funding was sought under the Northern Ireland Rural Development Programme via the Rural Business Investment Scheme towards the construction of an additional workshop to enable the business to increase current production and extend its services by being able to offer new products. 

Project Information

S&M Products (N.I.) Ltd is an established engineering company located on Corlea Road, Omagh and has been trading for 27 years becoming a Limited Company in 2017. The business that employes18 people provides a range of products for the agricultural sector through their supply to retailers across the UK and the island of Ireland from nationwide retailers to localised farm shops. 

Realising a gap in the market, the company wished to expand its capability by increasing production capacity and extend its service offering to meet the demands of a diversifying sector.  The business did not have the capacity to tender for larger orders from nationwide farm shops without the infrastructure in place to fulfil them adequately.


S&M Products (N.I.) Ltd was awarded £90,000.00 toward the construction of a new workshop to enable the business to increase current production and extend its services by being able to offer new products.


Having now completed the project S&M Products (N.I.) Ltd are now able to manufacture products including head locking gates which they couldn’t provide previously due to lack of space. As a result of this investment, at least three full time positions will be created within the company and they will be able to expand their already established export market in the Republic of Ireland and the UK. 


Kyle Alexander, Director of S&M Products (N.I.) Ltd advised, that the availability of the grant through the Rural Business Investment Scheme was the key driver which influenced my decision to take the project forward.  The application process required a significant amount of business planning and completing procurement documents however, with the help of my Project Officer I am now in the final stages of competition and am delighted I made to move to apply.