Advanced Cryo Care Ltd


Name: Advanced Cryo Care Ltd
Location: Donaghmore
County: Tyrone
Total Cost: £ 71,500.00
Axis: AXIS 3 : SWARD


The establishment of a Cryogenic therapy chamber based at Torrent Valley Business Park, Donaghmore


Joint application by Paul Feeney and Martin Brannigan - Paul Feeney operates as a qualified Sports Injury Therapist and currently runs a health & fitness studio (Advanced Fitness) at Unit 1 Torrent Valley Business Park. 


Cryogenics chambers were developed in Eastern Europe and use short exposures of extreme cold temperature and have become a recognised tool in advanced treatment of injury and rehabilitation after surgery i.e. post operative support. Traditionally, cryogenic treatment has been used to treat elite athletes; however, it is becoming increasingly more popular as a form of general injury management and rehabilitation. The project involved the design and provision of additional space in Torrent Valley Business Park, the purchase of a Cryogenic chamber, its installation and commissioning. 

Funded under Axis 3, through SWARD, specific items funded:

  • Cryo Tank
  • Refurbishment Work
  • Installation of Pipework
  • IT/SoftwareTraining
  • Marketing


2 full time jobs created.