Name: Agquip
Location: Ballymoney
County: Antrim
Total Cost: £ 6,000.00
Axis: AXIS 3 : North East Region
Telephone: 02827664194


Purchase of equipment to aid development of Agquip, a business that deals in dribble bars and soil injection systems for slurry tankers and umbilical systems.


James O’Kane established a business, called Agquip, in 2009.  Agquip designs, manufactures and sells dribble bars and soil injection systems to attach to a range of slurry tankers and umbilical systems.  The demand for Agquips products increased due to the introduction of the Nitrates Directive imposed by EU which means that farmers and landowners are not permitted to spread slurry on land from September to February.

At present the applicant is manufacturing one product which has two different methods of slurry transfer; trailing shoe and dribble bar, these are made in three different widths of 7 metre, 10 metre and 12 metre.


Items funded by Axis 3, through North East Region include a hydraulic hose crimping machine, hydraulic press and a cut-off saw.


Potentially 2 jobs created.