Annaclone Historical Society


Name: Annaclone Historical Society
Location: Annaclone
County: Down
Total Cost: £ 24,581.00
Axis: AXIS 3 : Down Rural Area Partnership
Duration: 9/4/12-30/11/12
Telephone: 02891820748


The Annaclone Historical Society project entitled ‘Saving Local Heritage and Education’ aims to purchase and install townland stone markers, to design and publish a map, re-design a website and set up a Genealogy Archive. The project includes a marketing element to further fuel the interest generated by the Annaclone & Drumballyroney Local History publication.


The Annaclone Historical Society formed in 2010 to produce the Annaclone and Drumballyroney Local History publication. The society has initiated a number of local history projects including a publication about local legends and ghost stories and creating a website to encourage people to contact the Society with stories and photographs. They have erected several stone markers and plaques around the area to mark townlands and places of interest.


The funding awarded was used to purchase townland marker stones and the engraving and erection of the stones, the setting up of genealogy archive consisting of a computer, printer, and the creation of a database. Marketing included website re-design and the design and printing of a map (1000 copies)and management and content creation.