Antrim Hills Spring Water


Name: Antrim Hills Spring Water
Location: Ballyclare
County: Antrim
Total Cost: £ 43,726.00
Axis: AXIS 3 : GROW South Antrim


The purchase of equipment to increase efficiency of the production line for Antrim Hills Spring Water.


Antrim Hills commenced production in 1989 as a farm diversification project and was the first NI company to bottle spring water.  After producing for 5 years, new larger premises were opened in 1994 to meet increased demand.  The product range has increased to include sports drinks, fruit juice drinks, childrens drinks and stimulation drink.  Antrim Hills also supplies a range of free standing coolers.  The company employs 12 full time staff members.


The items funded included:

  • Transfer Conveyors
  • Accessories for Bottle Unscrambler

The unscrambler machine is the start of the packaging line and sorts bottles ready for cleaning and then bottling of the product.  The applicant sought funding for accessories to allow bottling of different sizes of bottles.  Without the accessories the changing of bottles would have to be done manually which is too time consuming to keep up with the rest of the production line and is also not hygenic.