Charlemont Collegeland Community Development


Name: Charlemont Collegeland Community Development
Location: Charlemont
County: Armagh
Total Cost: £ 4,800.00
Axis: AXIS 3 : SOAR
Duration: 12 months
Telephone: 028 87784928


Charlemont & Collegeland Community Development Association have commissioned a community audit with the support of Southern Organisation for Action in Rural Areas (SOAR). The report focuses on the village of Charlemont and the adjacent area of Collegeland which are on the border of Armagh City & District Council as it adjoins Dungannon and South Tyrone District Council.


The report is based on an intensive research and consultation exercise conducted between November 2011 and February 2012 and summarises the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of the area, lists the areas assets, defines the challenges it faces and sets out a comprehensive socio-economic profile of the area.


An in-depth appraisal of Basic services in the disadvantaged rural area comprising Collegeland and Charlemont together with recommendations and identification of funding opportunities.


“Charlemont and Collegeland retains its peaceful and welcoming environment and builds on the natural assets of the area and the skills of its people in a cross-community approach which enhances the quality of life for all residents and visitors alike”. The report details an action plan with 36 actions which are to be pursued and for each action lead and potential supporting partners are named, potential funders are suggested and an indicative timescale is provided.


The audit revealed broad levels of satisfaction with many aspects of life locally but there were a number of areas of significant dissatisfaction including recreation and leisure facilities, employment opportunities, library service, facilities for young people and car parking at the local school. The priorities included: Education, Employment & Training, Local Environment, Community,and Traffic.