Clough district Community Association


Name: Clough district Community Association
Location: Clough
County: Down
Total Cost: £ 6,667.00
Axis: AXIS 3 : Down Rural Area Partnership
Duration: 1 Feb 2012-31 July 2012
Telephone: 02891820748


To appoint a consultant to carry out a comprehensive village plan for the village of Clough. The Village Plan will contain a detailed action plan that will be used to identify future projects which can be delivered for the benefit of the local community.


Clough & District Community Association have been in existence since 2001. The members of this organisation are made up of dedicated volunteers from the village who have a range of skills and talents.


Funding used to appoint a consultant to undertake a Village Plan for the Clough Area.


The Village Plan will incorporate the views and thoughts of the Clough community to identify an overall vision and make practical recommendations for potential projects that may improve the lives of everyone who lives there.