Concrete Batching Systems


Name: Concrete Batching Systems
Location: Jerrettspass, Co. Down
County: Down
Total Cost: £ 46,950.00
Axis: AXIS 3 : SOAR
Duration: 10 months
Telephone: 07599 704303


Investment in engineering equipment required to fabricate products which will increase efficiencies within the business.


The company is a supplier to the concrete industry, supplying items such as concrete batch and mixing items, silos, and conveyors. The applicant’s business focuses specifically on client needs supplying products individual to his clients, from specification, design, supply, installation and backup. The business is located on farm, in Jerrettspass, Co Down.


  • To enable “Concrete Batching Systems Ltd” to bring in house engineering works associated with the manufacture of concrete batch and mixing tems
  • To purchase the equipment detailed within the schedule of eligible expenditure by 30th April 2012
  • To achieve a net profit of over £60,000 by 31st March 2012 (end of year 1)
  • 4 FT employment positions to be created by 31st March 2014 (end of year 2)
  • 11 FT employment positions to be created by 31st March 2017 year 5 (in total from project start date)


  • This project will bring benefits to the rural areas through the creation of local employment
  • This project will represent investment in the private sector, through the development of a local private sector business,
  • Encouragement of entrepreneurs to following paths to self employment
  • Stimulation of income generation on a local level
  • This project has helped to produce a diverse business sector, enhancing the performance of the local rural economy.