Country Gateway Ltd


Name: Country Gateway Ltd
Location: Ballynahinch
County: Down
Total Cost: £ 12,450.00
Axis: AXIS 3 : Lagan Rural Partnership


The development of a web portal that specficially targets the rural community and offers opportunity to advertise and sell products, goods and services through this portal.  


The company (Country Gateway Ltd) is currently made up of two Directors, namely Philip Bell and Jonathan Smyth. The project involves the progression of a new business venture created specifically to meet the needs of the rural and agricultural community.  The project idea was developed through the promoters’ business experience in the fields of IT, web design and GIS whose agricultural backgrounds led them to identify a need from which this business venture is to be established.  The vision for this project was to offer a platform for those people who ‘live, work and play’ in the agricultural and rural community.


Funded under Axis 3 through Lagan Rural Partnership, this business offers a variety of services from an online directory, personal classification sales pages and a social network portal linking all aspects of rural living. The RDP funded the web development and marketing/promotion activities.  

The focus for the company is the establishment of the Country Gateway Website creating the platform for those who live and work within the rural community to advertise and do business. In turn this allows the promoters to build up a ‘spatial’ database of rural business within Northern Ireland, which will be a vital marketing tool. At the same time promoters have stated that research will be ongoing into the development of the remaining strands of the business to increase it’s potential further.


A new rural business has been created which delivers an innovative service for the rural population.  1 job has been created.