Daniel McVicker


Name: Daniel McVicker
Location: Dunseverick
County: Antrim
Total Cost: £ 23,000.00
Axis: AXIS 3 : North East Region
Telephone: 028 207 31889


Diversification of a timber processing business into the production of sawn timber for use in farm sheds, commercial buildings, gardens and also in furniture and DIY activities. 


Mr McVicker established a timber processing business from his farm ten years ago.  The business has developed from initially just selling logs into a thriving company which now sells a range of timber products and employs three people on a seasonal basis.  The mainstay of the business is the sale of firewood logs and kindling, along with sawdust, shavings and bark. 


In order to undertake the production of processed timber suitable for use on farms etc, Daniel applied to Axis 3 through North East Region for assistance with the purchase of additional wood processing equipment.  This equipment is more specific to sawmill processing than firewood processing and included a band resaw, mortiser, planer thicknesser, dust extractor, 3 phase generator and wiring. The equipment can saw up the planking into more exact sizes and plane it to leave a smooth or textured finish depending on the customers’ requirements.