Drenagh Farms Ltd


Name: Drenagh Farms Ltd
Location: Limavady
County: Londonderry
Total Cost: £ 6,000.00
Axis: AXIS 3 : ARC North West
Telephone: (0)28 7772 2649


The completion of a feasibility study into using a number of redundant pieces of land to hold various sizes and types of festivals at Drenagh Estate, Limavady. 



The study, funded by Axis 3, through ARC North West, investigated the potential to run festival(s) at Drenagh Estate, Limavady. The feasibility study assessed the market to provide and analyse answers around the following topics:

  • What type of festival (music, food, theatre, dance, fashion, religion, book, fitness, etc)?
  • How many people?
  • How many times a year?
  • What will the public expect to pay?
  • Can the festival be profitable?
  • What funding is available?
  • What charities could be supported?
  • What are the positive and negative impacts (employment, traffic, etc)?
  • What are the planning, design, management, health & safety, fire, building control and environmental health implications?


Item funded

  • Consultancy fee for the completion of the feasibility study.