Fintastic Aquariums


Name: Fintastic Aquariums
Location: Limavady
County: Londonderry
Total Cost: £ 32,597.00
Axis: AXIS 3 : ARC North West


Purchase of equipment and marketing costs to further develop Fintastic Aquariums - an aquarium rental and maintenance service provider.


Fintastic Aquariums provide a rental and maintenance service providing the customer with a fully equipped aquarium, stand and fish for display in their business premises. The Promoter provides the service to schools and businesses such as dental surgeries and doctor surgeries with reception areas for display of the aquariums and as such offers a rental and maintenance service. The business also offers a maintenance service for clients who own aquariums and hire the services of Fintastic Aquariums for their upkeep and maintenance. 


Funded under Axis 3, through ARC North West, the project specifically enabled the purchase of:

  • 34 x acquariums, 34 x cabinets plus pumps (tanks, decorations and accessories)
  • 2 x 3 tier tank stands
  • Van signage - sign writing and magnetic logos
  • Website creation and development (inc domain name, email and web hosting access to Toolkit and customer support)
  • Office heater
  • Hot beverages machine


The business expansion allows the business to obtain additional rentals, whilst maintaining existing clients and also gain additional maintenance only contracts.  The project has created 1 fulltime position.