H Gormley Sons Ltd


Name: H Gormley Sons Ltd
Location: Galbally, Dungannon
County: Tyrone
Total Cost: £ 22,100.00
Axis: AXIS 3 : SWARD


The purchase of an overhead crane to reduce costs, increase capacity and productivity of an engineering repairs business.


Hugh Gormley has been in business since 1995 and has over 25 years experience in engineering.  His business repairs and services quarrying, screening  &  plant machinery namely conveyors. In addition, he also provides a Plate cutting & folding service. Capacity within the current workshop was limited as three forklift trucks are operating at any one time, thus limiting the amount of work which can be safely undertaken on the shop floor.


Funded under Axis 3, through SWARD, an overhead crane was purchased, which enables a greater area of shop floor space to be kept free,  reducing handling  times, increasing productivity, reducing fuel & maintenance costs for forklifts and offers the opportunity for safer transferring & handling larger sheets of metal and equipment reducing handling & labour costs & leading to increased possibility of additional orders.