H2 Mods


Name: H2 Mods
Location: Coalisland
County: Tyrone
Total Cost: £ 81,240.00
Axis: AXIS 3 : SWARD
Telephone: 02887749977


The purchase of equipment to aid expansion of a local civil engineering works.


H2 Mods was set up in January 2008 to produce and sell exclusively a new modular integrated garage for the construction industry and private individuals. The product is cladded in such a way that it fits in perfectly with the existing house. They supply throughout UK and ROI. They identified a niche market in relation to the modular integrated garage but were unable to galvanise the steel used in the manufacture of their product.


Funded under Axis 3, through SWARD, the project enabled the purchase of C & M Shape Purlin Steel Profile Machine which offered several advantages to the business:

  • Improve Quality – galvanising will give a better finish at the edges
  • Increase the life of their product – steel deteriorates, by galvanising, it will have a longer life
  • Improved strength – required when lifting from manufacturing site to location
  • Increase production – less welding required


The project created 3 full time jobs.