Hillsborough Community Centre Ltd


Name: Hillsborough Community Centre Ltd
Location: Hillsborough
County: Down
Total Cost: £ 12,631.00
Axis: AXIS 3 : Lagan Rural Partnership
Telephone: 02892683015


Preparation of independent economic appraisal and feasibility study into proposed extension of Hillsborough Community Centre.


Hillsborough Community Centre facilitates a wide range of activities and events specifically for children and young people.  The centre provides leisure, sports, arts and crafts and after school facilities for around 2000 children per month with a further 1500 youths participating in evening and weekend activities.  It is estimated that an average of 10 bookings per month are being turned down due to oversubscription of the facilities.


Given the popularity of the centre, the management sought to explore the feasibility of an expansion to their facilities.  It is envisaged that this would include an IT suite, multi use community room and a fitness suite incorporating a public viewing area.  Demand for extension of the existing facilities has been established with over 2000 written support forms having been submitted as part of a public survey.