Lagan Valley Rural Transport


Name: Lagan Valley Rural Transport
Location: Lisburn
County: Antrim
Total Cost: £ 7,075.00
Axis: AXIS 3 : Lagan Rural Partnership


An enhanced marketing presence to increase awareness and utilisation of the Lagan Valley Rural Transport service.


The promoter Lagan Valley Rural Transport (LVRT) is a rural community enterprise founded in 2005 and based at Larchfield Estate, Bailliesmills, County Down. LVRT’s scope of operation comprises the rural areas of Lisburn City Council, including community, voluntary, church, school and youth groups. The promoter is committed to providing a reliable, safe, affordable and accessible transport service to those who have difficulty in accessing the public or private transport provision in their area. While the partnership has been in operation for 5 years it has experienced challenges in making its activities and services widely known to the rural community. This is due in part to financial constraints as the promoter is a community enterprise with charitable status. 


The promoter identified through internal customer survey, testimonials and support from key stakeholders a breakdown of members who use their services and identified an under utlisation by children by and young people (under 25).  


Funded under Axis 3, through Lagan Rural Partnership, the applicant sought to update the web presence to promote the partnership’s services specifically to the target groups of young people and children, with the inclusion of a new online booking system incorporating a dynamic web design as a means of specifically targeting those groups that are currently not availing of the services that LVRT provide.   

The promoter was also keen to build upon their current customer base and attract new members to the organisation.  Existing promotional literature were enhanced and new information leaflets and banners were produced as part of the project which were also appropriate to the visually impaired.


Tailor made marketing solutions devised which meet service provision needs at a local level and increased usage of this local service.