Limavady Borough Council


Name: Limavady Borough Council
Location: Limavady
County: Londonderry
Total Cost: £ 20,000.00
Axis: AXIS 3 : ARC North West
Telephone: (0)28 7776 0652


The creation of a new IT initiative within the tourism sector of the Limavady Borough Council area through the creation of a downloadable podcast.  



Prior to the project traditional methods of promoting the area, businesses and tourism attractions included brochures, booklets and signposting to websites.  


Funded under Axis 3, through ARC North West, the project uses new methods of technology to promote tourism and provide visitor information in a more sustainable and effective way.  This new concept allows tourist and local rural residents to in essence, try before they buy, by downloading audio, video and picture information.

 Items funded:

  • Podcast development including research, design, scriptwriting, trail layout, photography, imagery, production and all associated costs. 

The podcast has several elements.  These include an up to date directory of forth coming events, downloadable audio, picture and video clips of tourism attractions, information on myths and legends and interactive audio guides on walking trails and story telling.  


The purpose of the project is to enhance the current visitor experience to Limavady, to increase the efficiency of visitor information, encourage visitors to visit the Limavady Borough Council website to obtain information prior to their visit and encourage visitors to stay longer through better quality of information.  The increase in visitor figures, revenue and satisfaction will have a positive economic impact upon the local economy of Limavady Borough Council area.  Tourism businesses will experience greater economic activity, revenue and in general will experience greater economic growth and generation of employment.  The creation of an online podcast will raise the profile of Limavady as a visitor destination.