Lisburn CIty Council Harry Ferguson Tribute


Name: Lisburn CIty Council Harry Ferguson Tribute
Location: Hillsborough
County: Antrim
Total Cost: £ 142,299.00
Axis: AXIS 3 : Lagan Rural Partnership
Duration: 20/12/2010 - 20/05/2013


The centerpiece of the project will be a one-half scale stainless steel replica of the original plane flown by Harry Ferguson in 1909, located adjacent to the A1 over-bridge on the A1 at Hillsborough.


Harry Ferguson was a truly remarkable inventor who was born in Anahilt near Hillsborough. He was the first person in Ireland to fly a powered aeroplane which he himself designed and built.


As part of Lisburn City Council's rural tourism strategy, to showcase the legacy of the famous local inventor Harry Ferguson. Lisburn City Council's Tourism Development acknowledges the need for a to invest in order to maximise the potential of patrons coming into the city to view tourist attractions.