Lough Neagh Cooperation Project


Name: Lough Neagh Cooperation Project
Location: Various
Total Cost: £ 1,655.00
Axis: AXIS 3 : Lagan Rural Partnership
Telephone: 02892509489


Pre development support for a cooperation project across 5 LAGs in Northern Ireland to examine further the opportunities to develop Lough Neagh as a premier tourist and recreational destination.


The aim of this cooperation project is to enhance and develop Lough Neagh as a premier tourist and recreational destination.  The action is to bring together up to 5 Local Action Groups that have an interest in the Lough so that they can design and implement a programme of actions that will focus on driving forward a range of water based activities and measures that will preserve the heritage and natural assets of the Lough and its hinterland.


The following items were supported:

  • Consultancy Assignment - Predevelopment study
  • Travel
  • Staff Costs

In addition to Lagan Rural Partnership, the partner LAGs are

  • GROW South Antrim
  • SOAR
  • North East Region


The eventual co-operation project would encourage access to the ough for water based activity and promote the Lough through marketing and promotion activities and a series of key signature events that will help attract international tourists.