Loughshore Veg


Name: Loughshore Veg
Location: Derrylaughan, Coalisland
County: Tyrone
Axis: AXIS 1: DARD


Extension to current premises, plant and equipment to reduce the amount of manual handling in production, helping to guarantee a quality service to customers.   


Pat Cushnahan began growing vegetables in the rural area of Derrylaughan near Coalisland in 1986. In the past 25 years his family company Loughshore Veg Ltd has focused on prepack whole vegetables and prepacked prepared vegetables. In the early years business was mostly comprised of independent supermarkets although in recent years Loughshore began to work with some of the larger chains.  



Funded under Axis 1, Loughshore Veg (Ltd) was funded under Measure 1.2 (Processing and Marketing Grant (PMG) Scheme), for investment in new buildings and plant and equipment to help the business guarantee a quality service to its customers.