Mid Antrim Tractors


Name: Mid Antrim Tractors
Location: Ballyclare
County: Antrim
Total Cost: £ 10,000.00
Axis: AXIS 3 : GROW South Antrim
Telephone: 02893352486


Redesign and redevelopment of existing website to incorporate translation facilities thus offering wider export potential for a tractor and agricultural plant dealership. 


Andrew Nelson is the owner of Mid Antrim Tractors, a tractor and agricultural plant dealership.  The company was formed by Samuel’s father in 1986 at a time when many tractors were being shipped to the sub continent. The business has grown since then to the stage where it is selling considerable numbers of tractors locally and also exporting to Eastern Europe.  The business now carries stock for the local market but also purchases tractors specifically for exporting on order.  Samuel purchases these tractors and then undertakes modifications to their working parts, to ensure that the tractor is equipped to work in the country where it is going.



The agricultural sector is one of the largest growing sectors in Eastern Europe and is becoming more mechanised and progressive in their agricultural and farming practices.  Samuel has therefore become aware of the growing demand in Eastern Europe and is continually receiving emails and phone calls from prospective buyers, but the language barrier is often a problem and can mean lost sales.  In order to address this problem, Samuel applied to Axis 3 through North East Region for grant assistance for the redesign of the existing website to incorporate translation facilities, allowing easier communication and provision of quotes.


The website incorporates a number of e-commerce features and allows Samuel to verify that the buyer is genuine and to undertake the majority of sales using bank transfers and electronic sales.