Mr David Irvine


Name: Mr David Irvine
Location: Banbridge
County: Down
Total Cost: £ 19,770.00
Axis: AXIS 3 : Down Rural Area Partnership
Duration: 07.12.2010-15.04.2011
Telephone: 02891820748


This project aims to provide a pregnancy scanning and freeze marking service (for identification of animals) in addition to the existing hoof trimming business for both cattle and sheep.


David Irvine has been in business for over ten years and is fully qualified to provide a hoof trimming service and has recently completed training in both pregnancy scanning and freeze branding.


The following equipment was purchased: -

  • Freeze-Branding Irons
  • A bespoke Scanning Unit
  • Pregnancy Scanner equipment


To enhance and expand the current business of hoof trimming to provide two new services of freezebranding and pregnancy scanning to both existing and new customers.

To create an opportunity for employment for at least one full time equivalent member of staff as a result of business expansion and diversification. To increase the overall farm family income.