Newtownabbey Borough Council Doagh History


Name: Newtownabbey Borough Council Doagh History
Location: Doagh
County: Antrim
Total Cost: £ 25,413.00
Axis: AXIS 3 : GROW South Antrim
Duration: 22 months
Telephone: 02890340000


Initial research looked at the history of Doagh, from its origins to the schools, industries, churches and local families of the village. This information was collated and put together to develop a website, produce a booklet and decided the location of the townland markers.


This project was delivered by Newtownabbey Borough Council with the aim to research and promote the rich ancestry and townland heritage in Doagh village. The project explores the local ancestry and history of Doagh and compiled this information into resources including a website and exhibition panels. It also marks out local townlands with landmark stones. This project has enabled those living in Doagh to understand their heritage and provided the basis to attract visitors in the area.


Local people, the Village Partnership worked closely with Newtownabbey Council to secure funding for the project to preserve the heritage of the village so it is kept for future generations. It is hoped that the project will continue to expand and will provide a means of recording for posterity the many stories, memories, documents and photographs still available but in imminent danger of being lost forever with the passing of generations.


Thanks to the work of Doagh Ancestry and Townlands Steering Group, the local people, Village Partnership and Newtownabbey Borough Council hopefully this project will share the history, memories and community life gone by for years to come.


“The sharing and publication of accurate historical information and anecdotal and cherished memories of the local community, or those who have moved away from the area, will preserve for future generations a knowledge and understanding of their own heritage. It will also hopefully reinforce a real feeling of identity and belonging to a community.” Bob Adams-Chair, Doagh Ancestry & Townlands