Niamh Louise Foundation


Name: Niamh Louise Foundation
Location: Coalisland
County: Tyrone
Total Cost: £ 8,000.00
Axis: AXIS 3 : SWARD
Telephone: 07736609707


Completion of a feasibility study to specifically investigate and identify the types of support needed by individuals within rural communities in relation to suicide, self harm and emotional well being.


The Niamh Louise Foundation aims to work closely with the Suicide Strategy Implementation Body to reduce the numbers of people taking their own lives.  Its main activities involve the provision of suicide awareness, prevention, intervention and postvention services especially to individuals within rural areas who can be very hard to reach and highly stigmatised.


Funded under Axis 3, through SWARD, a relevant consultant was employed to carry out a feasibility study.   The research aims to recognise that those people living in rural areas suffering from suicidal or self harm tendencies feel particularly isolated and stigmatised within their own communities and therefore need specific support.   The research focused on 4 rural communities and examined the extent of available support and direction/resources required for helping rural communities going forward.