Raymond and Kevin Quinn


Name: Raymond and Kevin Quinn
Location: Jerrettspass, Newry
County: Down
Total Cost: £ 26,802.00
Axis: AXIS 3 : SOAR
Telephone: 07709921282


The purchase of equipment to enable the company to expand their product range and increase productivity.


Mr Kevin Quinn began trading over 20 years ago and initially only carried out the laying of plain concrete on driveways, yards and lanes etc.  From this he established “Concrete with a Difference” as a family owned business in 2011 located in Glen, Co. Down.  However, the company realised that it was losing many hours per year due to bad weather which was hindering ability to lay outdoor patios.  To counteract this problem they devised a method of making patios in their work shed then transporting them to the clients home to lay them.  The business has grown significantly, however With the limited equipment currently in place there is a waiting list of approximately 2-3 months.


Items funded under Axis 3 through SOAR included: 

  • Stamping Mats 
  • Whacker Plate 
  • Petrol Power Washer Capital 
  • Power Screed and Poker Drive Unit 
  • Power Saw 
  • Wheelbarrows 
  • Hand Equipment to include: Bulltrowel, Magnesium Bull Float, Blue Steel Pool Trowel, Mag Float, Squeeze Up Wheels, Edging Trowel, Stainless Steel Walking Edger, Roller Tramp 3", Roller Tramp 8", Thick Button Handle, Slimline Button Handle, Specialist Concrete Rake, Heavy Duty Mat Impactor, Telescopic Handle, 2m Screeder
  • Road Compressor 
  • 2 Stand at Self Build Show 2012