Roe Angling Association


Name: Roe Angling Association
Location: Limavady
County: Londonderry
Total Cost: £ 32,257.00
Axis: AXIS 3 : ARC North West


Habitat enhancement, angler facilities and production of marketing material for the Owenbeg River, a tributary of the River Roe.


Funded under Axis 3, through ARC North West, the project involved engaging in activities to improve the Salmon, Trout and Sea Trout stocks of the River Roe, by engaging in habitat enhancement on its tributary rivers, the Owenbeg river. This involved building 13 groynes, which are formations of rocks which act as a natural shield against the current of the flowing river.  The groynes let fast flowing water flow along the river over the rocks and this in turn allows for a higher success rate of Salmon and other fish eggs laying and hatching and thus keeping up the stock of fish in the river.

Other activities involved within the project included: riverbank clearance; provision of stiles for anglers to access the river; and promotional leaflets marketing the area as a tourism destination for angling.


This project will over the long term seek secure the fish stocks of the Owenbeg River and increase membership of the Roe Angling Association