Signstik Ltd


Name: Signstik Ltd
Location: Dundrod Rd, Crumlin
County: Antrim
Total Cost: £ 87,594.00
Axis: AXIS 3 : GROW South Antrim
Duration: 4 months
Telephone: 02890825999


As the Company was frequently working at or close to its existing printing capacity, there was a concern that valuable orders may be lost as existing customers look elsewhere for suppliers capable of meeting their requirements.  Hence the promoter identified a need to purchase additional equipment.


Signstik Limited commenced trading almost 15 years ago (in 1998). The principal activity of the Company is graphics design consultancy, as well as the fitting and making of signs. It operated initially from the double garage at the rear of the home of the Director, Mr James Courtney, at Dundrod Road, Nutts Corner. It quickly outgrew these premises, moving to a separate business unit at this address in 2000. It then recently moved to an adjacent business unit in response to the need to accommodate the continued growth in activity.


The promoter identified the need to purchase a new printer and a laminator to enable it to offer a wider range of products in a more competitive manner, providing a quality personalised service to its customers, timely production of merchandise, job security to its existing employees and additional employment opportunities.


Increased printing and laminating capacity will enable the Company to continue to respond to the diverse needs of an ever changing marketplace, thus enabling it to reduce the risks associated with becoming too dependent on a limited number of customers and/ or product lines.


The project completed in February 2013, and the business is already noticing the benefits of the investment in equipment- with the 8 existing jobs already secured, and one part-time self- employed administrator being appointed to meet the increase in demand from clients.