Sixtowns Plant and Machinery


Name: Sixtowns Plant and Machinery
Location: Draperstown
County: Londonderry
Total Cost: £ 18,500.00
Axis: AXIS 3 : SWARD


The purchase of equipment to continue the development of a sustainable manufacturing business which contributes to economic and social regeneration of the Sixtowns area.


Sixtowns Plant & Machinery bought machinery that would be used by local farmers and rented the machinery out on short-term contracts – this produced savings for farmers and reduced the capital tied up in assets that were only used seasonally. 

To improve the current production process, the business wanted to invest in equipment and machinery to provide greater output and improve the quality of the produce in order to address that increasing demand from customers. 


Under Axis 3 through SWARD the applicant wished to develop its product range and increase the current production levels and to achieve this, items funded included: 

  • Purchase of a Kindlet machine
  • Purchase and installation of a saw bench which will be used to cut large pieces of timber so that they can be fed into the processor
  • Review the layout of premises and re-design to include storage system, which include storage box tipper and storage boxes


It is hoped that with the potential investment, larger customers can be serviced.  In turn, it is hoped that 1 full-time job and a number of sub-contract jobs to local farmers will be created over the next 2 years