St Brigids Accordion Band


Name: St Brigids Accordion Band
Location: Pastoral Centre, Jonesborough
County: Armagh
Total Cost: £ 64,006.00
Axis: AXIS 3 : SOAR
Telephone: 07971616602


To develop and open up the unused space of the handball alley in order to bring it back into use and suitable for use by both the centre core users and other local groups, for the delivery of basic service activities


Officially opened in 1990, Jonesborough Pastoral Centre consists of a main hall, kitchen and an indoor handball alley, which is no longer used for sporting, and due to design as a sporting facility, is not fit for purpose in the delivery of community activities, training and meetings. With only one available meeting space, the centre is operating at full capacity, and not able to meet the demands of core user groups, nor meet the requests of other groups looking usage.