Termoneeny Community Association


Name: Termoneeny Community Association
Location: Knockloughrim, Magherafelt
County: Londonderry
Total Cost: £ 116,124.00
Axis: AXIS 3 : SWARD
Telephone: 07977995815


Building and refurbishment works at Termoneeny Community Centre to allow for a wide range of services for the local community.


Termoneeny Community Association (TCA) was formed in 1998. They have a management committee of 15 people who have a wide range of skills and expertise.   They are based in a large rural area. The area had no community hall facilities, youth club facilities, senior citizen clubs, adult education training facilities etc.


The project, funded by Axis 3 through SWARD, involved the upgrade of multi-purpose community space within the Termoneeny community centre.  It incorporated a multi purpose community room, community cafe area and community kitchen.

Items funded:

  • Building and refurbishment works for multi-purpose community space
  • Fixed fittings for community cafe, kitchen and kitchenette
  • Air conditioning
  • Professional Fees


Following the works, the group is planning to establish a mother and toddler group, to launch a disability rehabilitation facility, to organize a senior citizens club, afterschool club and youth club.  The group also plan to launch an adult education programme, a Polish community initiative with IT access, music classes and a community health programme.