Thomas Patterson


Name: Thomas Patterson
Location: Mourne Wood, 3 Cranfield Road, Kilkeel
County: Down
Total Cost: £ 127,200.00
Axis: AXIS 3 : SOAR
Telephone: 07734054722


Convert barn to house the 2 self catering cottages were former servant quarters/barn. The applicant is keen the visitors staying in the cottages experience the sense of history that the property has. 


Thomas Patterson, is a part-time farmer who lives 3 miles outside Kilkeel and a few miles from Cranfield Beach the most southerly point of Northern Ireland. The applicant owns a 60 acres mixed farm (Beef/Sheep) and grows potatoes. The applicant also is in the quarrying business with his brother. The farmhouse and adjacent courtyard, where the cottages will be located dates back to 1804 . The house and courtyard was built by the Church of Ireland as a Rectory.


The applicant plans to call the cottages after Reverend Close and his Gardener Ross. The applicant has a lot of historic information which he plans to use as part of marketing the cottages.