Tinsdale Wood Design


Name: Tinsdale Wood Design
Location: Cullybackey
County: Antrim
Total Cost: £ 21,800.00
Axis: AXIS 3 : North East Region


The purchase of equipment and marketing costs to aid the design and production of a wider range of bespoke furniture for houses.


The project provider is a skilled joiner who has been running his own furniture design and production business from Cullybackey since 2003.  He is a previous recipient of grant funding from NAL+ and has developed his business to the stage where he now requires additional tools and equipment to enable him to produce the bespoke furniture that he wishes to manufacture for clients. 


Funded under Axis 3, through North East Region, the project included the the purchase of an edgebander and lipping planer machine enabling the  production of a greater quality and range of designs on furniture.  A marketing grant was also secured for the production of publicity materials and attendance at two promotional fairs in 2010.


Prior to the project the promoter could only produce straight edged pieces of furniture in-house, with all complicated edging work done by an outside company. This new equipment would allow him to add grooved, lipped and rounded edges to all his pieces at much less expense as and when he needs rather than continually sending away individual pieces to be done.