Whitehead Community Association


Name: Whitehead Community Association
Location: Whitehead
County: Antrim
Total Cost: £ 156,041.00
Axis: AXIS 3 : GROW South Antrim


Capital works at Whitehead Community Centre to make better use of space, increase footfall and offer a community centre to cater for all occasions.


Located in the heart of the Whitehead Conservation Area in the centre of the village, Whitehead Community Centre was always an integral part of life for its residents.  Built in the 1950’s it brought residents together as it functioned as a cinema, then since 1973 it operated as a Community Centre providing a facility for recreation and leisure time for the inhabitants.  Under the management of Whitehead Community Association the centre has developed over the years, offering activities both in its commercial units and community space. 


Funded under Axis 3, through GROW South Antrim.  Whitehead Community Association had bookings at full capacity and saw an opportunity to grow and provide greater flexibility to host and deliver a wider range of activities.  The main hall was often too large for community groups and with rising fuel costs it was becoming an increasing strain on resources. The effective solution was the introduction of a Mezzanine Floor which not only provided 2 additional rooms but toilets, storage and kitchen facilities.  As a result of the additional floor space a dedicated area which was more suitable in size and had the storage requirements needed for toys has been allocated to Tans after school club.  The meeting rooms provided flexible options for conferencing.  


As a result of the funding the residents of Whitehead now have a Community Hall which can cater for every occasion.  Footfall of the centre is gradually increasing as is hall rental income.

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