William David Whan


Name: William David Whan
Location: Dromara
County: Down
Total Cost: £ 155,000.00
Axis: AXIS 3 : Down Rural Area Partnership
Duration: 14/11/2013 - 10/12/2014


To develop a further income stream for a working farm by erecting a second hand reconditioned 150kW wind turbine on his farm land.


William David Whan was keen to explore the renewable energy potential of the land he farms. He approached DRAP with a proposal to erect a second hand, 150kW wind turbine on the farm. He had already assessed the feasibility of the project before-hand, establishing that a 150kW turbine on a 24m mast could generate a gross return of £55,795.


DRAP funding enabled the applicant to purchase and install a wind turbine on his farm. The generated electricity is then sold back to the National Grid.