Woodbine Skips Ltd


Name: Woodbine Skips Ltd
Location: Ballymena
County: Antrim
Total Cost: £ 100,000.00
Axis: AXIS 3 : North East Region
Telephone: 02825642387


Purchase of a barrel separation system to enable Woodbine Skips Ltd to process a greater quantity of waste and reduce landfill.


Having spent 10 years working in the recycling business, Robin Sterling set up Woodbine Skips Ltd in 2006. The business has grown significantly from having one lorry and ten skips to six lorries and two hundred skips and covers all of County Antrim and some parts of County Derry. The main focus of the business is skip collection from building sites and industrial and commercial premises where refurbishment or new buildings are being constructed. Prior to the grant assistance most of the waste, which is brought back to Robin's yard to be processed, was being transferred to the landfill site. Robin wanted to be able to process more of this waste, reducing the amount going into landfill.


Robin applied to Axis 3, through North East Region for funding to help him purchase a barrel separation system.  The hopper on this machine is filled with the waste and then the trommel rotates at a selected speed to sieve out all the waste which shall fit through the screens, thus providing a uniform product which can be reused either as hardcore or aggregate.  The machine has varying sizes of sieves and screens which can be fitted depending the size of the desired sieved product.  Robin can then sell this product to landowners, farmers, builders or back to the people he collected the waste from to re-use on site either for laneways, infill or hardcore.  The machine has a built in fan which blows into the waste product and separates plastic, cardboard and wood from the other materials.


Potential to create 1 full time job.